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Five Things Your Chef/Baker Friend Wants To Tell You

If you're fortunate enough to have a friend who's been to culinary school, or even is a total Julia Child/Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, your tastebuds have experienced the pure joy of cuisine and have heard them babble on and on about how food is a delicacy. Their mad skills have left you in awe, and sometimes you can't help but to butt in. Here's a couple of things we'd like you, the chef's friend, to know...

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1. No, We Won't Always Cater Your Parties. / Via Instagram

We love to party almost as much as we love to cook, but when we have to cater for 50+ people AND get ready for the party, it's a total buzzkill. Not to mention we'd be exhausted!

2. We Will Happily Cook or Bake For You...If You Pay Us. / Via Instagram

Supplies and groceries are expensive! A chef's gotta do what a chef's gotta do, pal.

3. If You're Not Going To Help, Get The F**k Out of The Kitchen / Via Instagram

Sometimes, we're so in the zone, we don't care if your feelings get hurt when we ask you to get out of the way. And don't even get me started if you accidentally sabotage our food!

Sorry Not Sorry, Grandma!

4. We Don't All Want To Be On TV / Via Instagram

I enjoy watching the talented chefs on YouTube or on Television, but that's not for everybody. So the next time we're binge watching Cupcake Wars or Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix, try to imagine what it would be like if the pair of us were on the show.

5. Just Because We’ve Graduated, Doesn’t Mean We Know How To Cook Everything. / Via Instagram

For the ones who have been to culinary school, you know we've been through hell and came out of it with a degree. That doesn't necessarily mean that we know every recipe by heart, every knife skill to perfection, every kind of vegetable, herb, etc... known to man. Just like almost every other art, there is always more to be learned.

Overall, through the literal blood, sweat, tears, and burn marks, we look fresh to death. / Via Instagram

Almost as delicious as our food. / Via Instagram

Bon Appétit!

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