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    17 Products You’ll Actually Use All The Time, And I’m Not Lying

    A lengthening mascara, a personal steamer, giant claw clips that'll actually grip your hair, and more!

    1. A pack of silicone temple grips that'll prevent your specs from avalanching down your face. Reviewers say they last a long time and don't stretch out, so they won't go flying off your glasses when you take them off at the end of the day.

    Two pairs of glasses with the temple grips in place

    2. An anti-identity theft stamp you can use to obscure all your private info, giving you peace of mind when you recycle your bills and envelopes. It’s great if you don’t own a shredder and is also more convenient than scribbling over your address with a permanent marker.

    Someone using the stamp across a confidential document

    3. A pair of stainless steel tongue scrapers that'll gently scour away nasty mouth bacteria and leave you with breath so fresh, you'll feel like an oral all-star. Plus, it's more effective (and more pleasant) than scrubbing at your tongue with a toothbrush.

    4. A box of 24K gold vegan gel pads that'll soothe tired peepers and hydrate the delicate skin around them. Reviewers love that they're cooling and don't slide around, and say that wearing them before bed has all but banished puffiness and dark circles.

    5. A colour-changing night light that'll keep you from bumping into furniture on your way to the bathroom. It'll light up automatically at night (and will shut off at dawn), so you won't have to climb out of bed after getting comfy-cozy to turn it on.

    The nightlight plugged in, next to a potted plant

    6. An at-home teeth whitening kit that'll tackle the coffee and wine stains on your chompers and refresh your smile. It only takes ten minutes per session, making it an excellent time-saving alternative to traditional whitening strips.

    7. A jar of nail protein treatment for your human hoofs that'll make them healthier and stronger. Reviewers are amazed at how much thicker and tougher their talons feel after using it, and say it's a lifesaver for anyone who uses polish regularly or is constantly washing their hands.

    8. A bottle of Mario Badescu drying lotion that'll zap your zits while minimizing redness, irritation, and the temptation to pop. It has calamine to soothe inflammation and and can stand up to even the angriest under-the-surface bumps.

    9. A pack of disinfecting wipes that'll help keep gross germs off of your phone, countertops, and doorknobs. They're also perfect for chucking in your bag, letting you deal with any sources of contamination without the sticky mess of hand sany.

    Someone using a wipe on their phone screen

    10. A tube of the TikTok-famous Maybelline Sky High mascara that'll have your lashes reaching for the stars. Reviewers are beyond impressed by its lengthening powers and love that the flexible brush is able to reach their tiniest baby hairs.

    11. A pack of anti-fog wipes that'll make everything from winter to masking more bearable for anyone who wears glasses. It'll also work on sunglasses and mirrors, and and will even shield your lenses against the fog of hot coffee.

    12. A handheld clothing steamer so you can forego the iron without sacrificing a put-together look (your parents will be so proud). It's also foldable, making it a fantastic travel companion.

    13. A bottle of instant cuticle remover that'll give you a soft and smooth base for your manicure while also being faster and kinder on your fingertips than metal tools. You simply squeeze a bit onto each nail, let it sit for 15 seconds (or a minute if you're attacking a stubborn callus), and then rinse off with warm water.

    14. A pack of jumbo hair clips that'll keep your tresses out of your face (and look great doing it). Reviewers love that they're super tough and don't leave teeth marks, and say they're also great for sectioning hair off while styling.

    The three hair clips and a person using one in their hair

    15. A pack of exfoliating mitts that'll let you scrub-a-dub-dub away layers of dead and flaky skin, so your pores can breathe again. Reviewers say these are perfect for using in a hot bath, and that they've managed to slough off buildup their everyday scrubs haven't been able to budge.

    16. An electric milk frother that'll help you master the art of creating foamy, café-style beverages in seconds. Now you can get your macchiato fix every morning without having Starbucks dominate your bank statement.

    17. And finally, a bottle of stainless steel cleaner polish that'll blast away fingerprints and grease without leaving behind 🙀ghastly🙀 smudges. Reviewers love that it gets deep into every little crevice, so they're even able to use it to blend in small scratches.

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