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    30 Genius Pet Products That Are Probably Missing From Your Life Right Now

    Pet-training buzzers, a window hammock, a no-spill water bowl — and more!

    1. A hammock bed that'll suction right to your window, so your kitty can keep an eye on anything ~suspicious~ while they lounge. Reviewers say the suction cups are strong and hold well through everyday use and like that it's easy to take down when they need to clean the glass.

    A cat lazily lounging on the hammock

    2. A heated snuggle toy that'll give your best friend something warm to cuddle with when you aren't around. It comes with a heat pack and a beating heart piece that'll help them feel less lonely or scared.

    A dog sitting next to the snuggle puppy

    3. A splash-free water bowl that'll help keep your furry friendo hydrated on long road trips. Since the water comes out when they lick the bowl, it's also great for homes with hyperactive critters and clumsy humans who tend to knock over the water bowl at least once per day.

    A got with the bowl in the backseat of a car

    4. A floppy fish toy that'll flounder about and bait your feline into having a blast. Reviewers say their kitties don't get bored of it like they do with their other toys and that they love the included bag of catnip (no surprises there).

    Someone holding up the fish toy above three kittens

    5. A set of pet training buzzers so you can teach them to communicate with you in a more effective language than woofs and whining.

    The button with a speech bubble coming from it that says "record sounds"

    6. A portable shower head that'll save your car's backseats from their muddy fur after they've run through every single puddle at the park. It's also great to take on camping trips!

    A person giving their muddy dog a shower with a water bottle

    7. A raised pet feeder that'll elevate your pet's dining experience, while reducing strain on their joints when they eat (especially if they aren't as limber as they used to be). It has a spacious compartment underneath, so you can store extra kibble, treats, or their many, many toys.

    Topdown photo of a dog eating from the feeder, with it slid open halfway to show kibble stored inside

    8. A silicone treat mat that'll keep your fur baby occupied while you shampoo and condition them. You just spread on some PB and stick it to the shower wall (and for speedy eaters, you can freeze it beforehand to slow 'em down).

    9. An LED collar tag that'll help you keep track of your pooch when they insist on staying at the park after sundown. It's water- and mud-resistant (making it perfect for beach days), and reviewers love that it's big and bright enough that they can easily see it through long fur.

    A dog wearing the glowing light on its collar

    10. A tiny double-decker hammock that your lil' critter can both play and lounge in. Reviewers especially like that the hooks are tough enough to withstand sharp little teeth, so their mischievous pets can't chew through them.

    11. A poop bag carrier that'll hold your furball's business for you after you've picked it up. It's extra handy if you're walking multiple dogs, since you won't accidentally drop the bag while keeping your grip on their leashes.

    Someone walking their dog in a field, with the holder attached to the leash and a waste bag dangling from it

    12. A bottle of stain and odour spray that'll cut through the foulest smells your pet can generate. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave behind splotches or outlines (like some other cleaners), and say it even banishes the stench of cat pee.

    A bottle of odor destroyer being held up in front of a sleeping puppy

    13. A water bottle so you can pour your pup a drink when they overdo it on the zoomies at the park. The base screws off to become a small bowl, so they won't have to struggle to get their snout into the opening.

    14. An expandable and airline-approved pet carrier backpack that'll let your four-legged companion travel in style. The top and sides unzip, so they can pop their heads out to do some scouting, while the extra-wide shoulder straps and spongy back will help you stay cool and comfortable.

    A dog standing up in a carrier

    15. An elevated dog cot that'll help your long-haired floofs stay cool as the weather gets warmer. Reviewers say their pups love using it to sunbathe outside, and like that the mesh material doesn't retain odours or get covered in hair like other beds do.

    A small dog sitting on the cot and looking at the camera with its tongue out

    16. A pair of training bells that'll give your brilliant little furball a way to let you know when they need to potty. Reviewers say the buttons are easy for their lil' paws to press and like that the ring isn't too loud, so no one will get spooked.

    The bells on the packaging

    17. A headlight cap that’ll light the way on early morning or late-night walkies. It has four LED lights to light up an area, so you won’t have to worry about it conking out mid-walk.

    a person walking the dog while wearing the headlamp cap

    18. A pet drinking fountain so your furballs will never be without fresh water. It’s got a circulating filtration system, an ultra-quiet pump, and three flow settings to suit your feline's fancy.

    Two styles of water flow and cats drinking from them

    19. A heavy-duty Benebone chew that'll stand up to even the toughest chompers. Reviewers say the wishbone shape makes it easy for their dogs get a firm grip (so you won't have to hold it for them) and that it lasts much longer than other bones.

    20. A selfie aide that'll encourage your pet to look at the camera when you actually have it ready (not five seconds before or after). Just clip it onto your phone, pop one of their fave snacks into the holder, and you and your BFF will be able to nail the selfie on your first try.

    Someone using the selfie aide with their dog on their lap, and a treat in the clip

    21. A small animal carrier so you can safely transport your tiny friends to the vet. Reviewers say their guinea pigs all comfortably fit inside and like that the bottom is removable, so you won't need to reach inside to grab them.

    Someone wearing the carrier while standing in the grass

    22. An undercoat grooming brush with a double-sided rake that'll take care of the most stubborn mats and tangles. Reviewers say it's a must-have for long-haired pets, and were surprised by how much fur it was able to take off (even when they'd literally just brushed their pet earlier the same day).

    23. A self-rolling ball that'll keep your kitty entertained with a laser light and satisfy their natural inner hunter. Reviewers love that it automatically changes direction when it collides with a wall, and say that it's sturdy enough to survive being batted around and tossed down the stairs.

    A cat playing with the ball toy as another cat watches

    24. A pair of reusable silicone can covers that'll keep their food from spoiling in between mealtimes, without producing more plastic waste. They have three rings to accommodate different-sized cans, so you won't have to clutter up your drawers with a million lids.

    Someone using the silicone lid on a can

    25. An oral supplement powder that'll clean your pet's teeth and fight off bad breath, so you won't pass out when they surprise you with face kisses. Reviewers say that their animals' teeth have gotten whiter since using it, and that there's been a huge improvement in the amount of plaque that even daily brushing wouldn't budge.

    Someone adding the oral supplement to a bowl of kibble

    26. A pack of yummy Greenies pill capsules that'll hide their icky medicine and save you from having to messily coat their tablets in peanut butter. They'll also mask the smell of the pills, so even Sherlock Bones won't be able to sniff out anything suspicious 🧐.

    27. A pet stroller that's basically the animal kingdom equivalent of a royal carriage (and is especially great for furry kings and queens who struggle on long walks). The undercarriage is perfect for holding toys, leashes, and extra baggies, so you'll never be without your necessities.

    28. A purrfectly sophisticated cat door that'll give your kitty a path to their domain that only they can walk through. They'll appreciate being able to access their food and ~facilities~, even when the door to that room is closed to curious pups and lil' ones.

    A cat pokes its head and front paws through the small door

    29. A small playpen so you can bring your lil' critters out to play, without worrying about losing someone under the couch or behind the stove. Reviewers like that their tiny friends have a safe space to hang out while they clean their cages and say it's great for bringing camping or to the park.

    The playpen with a bunny, guinea pig, and squirrel in it, and a lineup of small animals underneath

    30. And finally, a pair of doggy goggles that'll protect their precious eyeballs from wind and dead bugs when they have their head out the window on a car ride. The lenses are UV-resistant, making them perfect for walks on sunny days, too.

    A four-photo collage of a small dog wearing the goggles and laying on a tile floor

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