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    I Tried 27 Top-Rated Amazon Canada Products And I'm Pretty Sure You'll Love Them As Much As I Do

    Your $$$ won't be wasted on these.

    1. A bottle of truffle-infused hot sauce because you probably have a refined palate now that you're a grown-up. It's the perfect blend of heat, sweetness, and decadence, making it a triple threat condiment.

    A person holding the bottle of hot sauce in front of a toaster and plants

    2. A genius reusable notebook that'll make electronic copies of everything you jot down with the help of a free app. Using it is simple: when you're done writing, just hold your phone above the page. The free app will detect and capture it, creating a digital copy that looks identical to your handwritten notes.

    A person holding the book in front of a bookshelf and plants

    3. A pair of bike shorts with pockets that'll have you cycling in style this summer. They offer the perfect amount of stretch and compression, and they’re totally squatproof.

    4. This water bottle with a bowl that snaps into its base so your pup will never be stuck without H2O on a pipin' hot day. Since you pour from the top into the bowl, you can actually drink the water yourself and not worry about dog germs.

    5. This Hempz koa and sweet almond body lotion that'll bless your dry skin with the moisture it's been craving. It also smells, like, bonkers good so you won't even need to wear perfume after slathering it on your bod.

    A person holding the body lotion in front of plants and a chair

    6. A pair of dual-sided core sliders that can be used on carpet and hardwood and will make your abs work harder than ever before. Whether you want to amp up your mountain climbers, add some extra spice to a glute bridge, or just make your planks a bit tricker, these are sure to come in handy.

    A person holding two sliders in front of a plant

    7. A pair of silicone baking mats to replace your rolls and rolls of parchment paper. They’ll keep food from sticking to your pans (without the help of cooking spray) and are super easy to clean.

    8. A milk frother that'll help you make delicious, coffee-based beverages that look and taste like they've been crafted by a seasoned barista. Flat milk? Leave that for the peasants.

    9. And a pack of Kicking Horse coffee beans if you're on the hunt for some seriously delicious java. This one tastes better than whatever you'd get at a drive-thru so you won't be disappointed.

    A person holding a bag of coffee in front of a plant

    10. A pack of bestselling gel toilet stamps that'll clean away stains and rings with every flush. They have a fresh scent so your bathroom will always smell great, no matter what goes on in there.

    11. A pack of nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes that are packed with vitamins to keep your greenery happy and healthy. They can even help revive those on the verge of death and save you from unnecessary plant funerals.

    12. A pedicure sponge that's infused with shea butter, tea tree oil, and olive oil that'll leave your feet feeling and smelling, like, stupid good. Reviewers say it's amazing for people with cracked feet and that it washes away dead skin cells like no one's business.

    13. A tub of probiotic/prebiotic chews that are basically the dog equivalent of vitamins. They'll help support their digestive tract and boost their immune system, all while tasting like a delicious duck-flavoured treat.

    14. A shower caddy that'll attach right to your shower head and has enough space for all your holy grail products. Now you won't have to dance around shampoo bottles and soap bars while you go through your routine.

    The shower caddy in a shower filled with products

    15. A box of Pedialyte electrolyte freezies that taste great and will help you battle a hangover. They're the perfect cure for rough summer mornings so stock up before you hit the sangria.

    A person holding a box of Pedialyte freezies.

    16. A stove-cleaning kit that'll make your cooktop look good as new in just a few minutes. Just apply the cream to your burners, wait a few minutes for it to sink in, and then scrub away the gunk with the spongey cleaning tool. For super stubborn messes, you can scrape off build up with the razor.

    17. A pack of pastel chisel-top highlighters that'll easily fit into your smaller pockets and pencil cases. As an added bonus, they won't dry out, even if their caps are left off for hours.

    A person holding all six highlighters in front of a white board

    18. A pack of transparent pimple patches that'll suck the gross stuff right out of your zits. Reviewers say they work miracles on cystic acne and love that foundation and concealer glide right over them.

    19. A bottle of Sun Bum SPF 50 sunscreen spray that's waaaay easier to apply than traditional lotions. It's vegan, reef safe, and packed with vitamin E so it'll nourish your skin, too.

    A person holding the bottle of sunscreen

    20. A tiny Bluetooth tracker that you can stick to almost anything (I have one on my TV remote and one in my wallet). It'll help you hunt down your stuff when it goes MIA and save you hours of searching for your precious treasures.

    21. A bottle of super-strong Gorilla Glue that'll help you put your broken things back together. It's durable enough to withstand intense weather so your stuff will remain intact even through a heat wave or polar vortex.

    A person holding a bottle of the glue

    22. A bottle of CND keratin nail treatment that'll help your talons grow long and strong. If you suffer from breakage and hangnails, trust me, you need this in your life.

    A person holding the nail treatment in front of a plant

    23. A trio of lightning charging cords that are made of super-durable braided nylon so they won't fray like traditional wires. They have reinforced plastic collars, meaning they won't get messed up when you yank them out of your phone.

    24. A cold therapy ice roller that'll de-puff your skin and wake you up in the morning. I use mine to combat migraines, and it works better than any pain-relieving technique I've tried. Oh, and it's great for beating the summer heat, too!

    25. A pack of screen protectors that'll save your device from shattering into a million pieces when you drop it. They're made of tempered glass and won't leave weird bubbles on the surface of your phone like flimsier alternatives.

    26. This starfish-shaped drain catcher that’ll trap your stray strands of hair before they get into your pipes, keeping them free of clogs. It may actually save you from hiring a plumber and fighting with your roommate over who's going to clean all of the gross stuff out of your bathtub (a win-win in my book).

    27. And finally, a set of transparent coiled hair ties that'll keep your hair free of crazy crimps and tangles and won't cause breakage when you slide them off. They'll also look cuter than classic hair ties when you rock them on your wrists.

    A hand holding several of the clear, coiled hair ties

    Me @ every single thing on this list:

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