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    20 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice From Amy Poehler And Tina Fey

    With some additional advice from the cast of SNL. Because everyone needs an ego boost from Bill Hader

    1. On feeling socially awkward:

    2. On your daily affirmation:

    3. On taking risks:

    4. On hitting the town every once in a while:

    5. On whether you should have that last tequila:

    6. On tomorrow's hangover:

    7. On internet addiction:

    8. On living life on your own terms:

    9. On haters:

    Do not react like this:

    Or this:

    But you should definitely do this:

    Or just brush it off:

    And remember this:


    10. On making a good first impression:

    11. On food:

    12. On Twitter trolls:

    13. On arguing on the internet:

    14. On sexism:


    15. On relationships:


    17. And when no one's there to give you that self esteem boost to get you through the day:


    19. On seizing new challenges and opportunites:

    20. On giving yourself props:

    21. On accepting your inner drama queen: