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    10 Terrifying Facts About The Australian Dropbear

    People will try to convince you Dropbears aren't real. But they are bad ass. Be a responsible tourist and check out these ten essential facts before packing your bags for down under

    They attack from above

    The Dropbear will f***ing cut you.

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    (Watch from 0.18).

    The Australian government even released this warning: "Look up, stay alive"

    It is a distant relative of The Koala

    But don't let that fool you

    Because unlike their distant relatives, Dropbear are carnivorous and incredibly aggressive

    Dropbears exist everywhere in Australia (except Tasmania)

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    (Because not even Dropbears want to live there).

    Dropbear attacks are on the rise

    Dropbears hate Vegemite

    Don't believe us? Check out this video

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    Dropbears are little bastards: Here's how to avoid them