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22 Reasons Ron Paul Is Not A Racist

The media storm surrounding Ron Paul's newsletters has led to speculation as to whether or not the long-time Texas Congressman is a racist. Well some Ron Paul supporters have been sending around a list of moments that would say otherwise. Some of them are compelling, while others leave a bit to be desired.

1. Ron Paul On Racial Profiling

2. On Whether He's A Racist

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3. On Government Stereotyping

4. On Racism

5. On The Racism Of The Death Penalty

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6. On Racist Laws that Aim to Harm What Some Called “Cheap Colored Labor”

7. On The Drug War

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8. On Foreign Aid To Africa Giving Dictators "Power To Impoverish"

9. Congratulating Barack Obama For Becoming The First Black President

10. On Libertarianism's Relationship To Race

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11. On Racial and Ethnic Stereotyping by Self Serving Politicians

Highlights Of Ron Paul's Voting Record:

12. Voted To Honor The Tuskegee Airmen

13. Voted To Commemorate The 45th Anniversary of Selma's "Bloody Sunday"

14. Voted To Honor African-Americans Who Made Major Contributions To Science

15. Voted To Honor The NAACP On Their 101st Anniversary

16. Voted To Place A Marker To Acknowledge The Use Of Slave Labor In The Construction Of The Capitol

17. Voted To Honor Jackie Robinson

18. Voted To Honor The Importance Of African-American Music

19. Voted To Make Discrimination Claims Against The Department Of Agriculture Easier To File For African-American Farmers

20. Voted To Honor African-American Pioneers In Colorado

21. Voted To Recognize African-American Spirituals As An American Treasure

22. Voted To Honor African-American Inventors