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    100 Were Men Asked, "Why Are Vagina's Important To You?"

    The cast of the Vagina Monologues at Connecticut College recently released a video in which they asked 100 men on campus, "Why are vaginas important to you?" Prepare yourself for some adorable, respectful, and at times awkward, male students talking about the role and importance of vaginas in their lives, in the hopes of celebrating the vagina and ending gender-based violence!

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    What happens when 100 college-aged boys are asked the question, "Why are vagina's important to you?" The producers of Connecticut College's Vagina Monologues were determined to find out.

    In honor of V-Day's "One Million Rising For Justice" campaign, and to celebrate, as Cosmo UK put it, "the vajayjay’s general awesomeness" while raising awareness of gender-based violence, 100 male Conn students were asked this question, resulting in some surprising and wonderful responses.

    Answers ranged from the hilarious:

    “I like solving puzzles and they’re kind of like puzzles.”

    “Spent some time in a vagina back in 92, and it was homey.”

    To the factual:

    "They are warm and moist."

    “Vaginas are strong. They push babies through them.”

    To the heartfelt and poignant:

    "Vaginas... They're the future."

    "The give women a power that no one else can have."

    "The next president will have a vagina."

    "Most of my friends have vaginas, and they are important to them, so they are important to me"

    Yes, at times this video is awkward, but also endearing and uplifting. Although one might expect for college aged men to simply think of vagina's sexually, these 100 Connecticut College students were able to come up with a myriad of other ways that vagina's are important.

    So why ask this question? Because no matter how awkward, it forces us to think of women and vaginas as something more than sexual objects. As one student answers, "It is important to talk about Vagina's, because all women should feel proud of their sexuality, and feel empowered to act any way they please." One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime and two women every week are killed by their partners, and IT MUST STOP.

    So a big shout out and thank you to Connecticut College for creating this video, for celebrating vaginas and standing up against violence against women.

    Be sure to watch the video and ask yourself, "Why are vagina's important to you?"

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