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14 Tattoos To Express Your Awesome Gemini Soul

Happy birthday! Making your ink decision easier.

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Couple And/Or Friendship Tattoo


Having a tattoo identical to or related to the tattoo of someone you love will serve as a reminder that no matter where you wander, you will never wander alone.


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Add as many or as few as you want— stars represent infinite possibility and, because the cosmos are so expansive, the duality of your sincerity and occasional (okay, maybe more than occasional) flighty tendencies.



For the animal-loving Gemini, a simple outline of a dog and cat can symbolize not just your love of animals, but also your need for socialization some of the time and your need for independence the rest of the time. A similar alternative would be to get your cat and dog's paw prints inked.


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Cherries symbolize happiness and have been said to symbolize immortality. Gemini is a happy sign whose intellectual conquests probably lead most to a belief that there is more to life than merely mortal existence. Bonus: Cherries reach their best ripeness during Gemini season!

Homage To Your Favorite Book


You're pretty smart. Have a bit of your favorite literature inked onto your skin to express its permanent effect on your life. This quote, meaning 'love conquers all', can be found in Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Prioress's Tale".



You optimist, you. Rapunzel from Tangled is probably the most beautiful face of pure optimism Disney has to offer, but Olaf from Frozen, Dory from Finding Nemo, and Russell from Up are also good choices. Even classic symbols of Disney, like a crown, castle, or Minnie and Mickey busts can serve as an adorable display of your optimism.

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