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Fun Activities To Try

Do you have one evening a week when you do nothing? Make it fun!

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See if there are any community art classes available and re-discover your love for pottery, painting, photography, etc.

And you can gift the results to your parents/significant others who will have no choice but to love them!

Take advantage of a long-term volunteering opportunity

Such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters, walking dogs at your local shelter, Habitat for Humanity, a Food Bank or anything else that will let you give back to your community and make you feel much better about life. Be the person who inspires someone to write a "Faith in Humanity Restored" story!

Start a weekly game/puzzle/movie night with your friends/family.

Chill way to relax that still has way more potential to be fun than watching netflix alone and create some memorable moments. Seriously, you don't need to be little to enjoy Pictionary, Taboo or Charades and they make for some great pictures!

Everyone has that one great idea that would make an awesome book that would become a best-seller and would make you famous. Use that free evening to start making that book a reality.

And even if it isn't the masterpiece you've envisioned or you never finish it, you will still have a grand time reading it a few years from now. And so will your friends, kids and grandkids.

And if you can't commit to anything regular, just promise to yourself that you will do one new thing every week or two.

Try a new restaurant, go see a play, do a one day volunteering project, take a dance class or anything else you've never done before or haven't done for a while.

Be like her!

"Gladys Burrill, 92 years old, met this challenge with a positive attitude to become the Guinness Book of World Records’ Oldest Female Marathon Finisher. She is thus rightly nicknamed “Gladyator” by her local newspaper."

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