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    Top 10 Twenty One Pilots Songs

    Because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me, okay, friend?

    10. House Of Gold

    It's not just the innocent ukulele-playing Tyler Joseph that catches our eye, but the mesmerizing lyrics that follow: "I will make you queen of everything you see,/I'll put you on the map,/I'll cure you of disease."

    Video here.

    9. Friend, Please

    The synth in this song gives a malicious, eerie sound, and when Joseph's singing ties with the instruments, it leaves us in a state of slight uneasiness. The heartbreaking lyrics (possibly) describing a friend's plan of suicide or self injury, though, distract from the sound in the background while subliminally bringing us to reality.

    Song here.

    8. Tear In My Heart

    Cutesy, adorable, and even more cute, Tear In My Heart is the one of few songs on Blurryface that is almost about the positive aspects of falling in love and caring about someone. Whether we want to or not, though, we'll empathisize with the writer of this song as we find the true meaning of this song is actually the heartbreak that comes with attachment to others.

    Video here.

    7. Oh, Ms. Believer

    Twenty One Pilot's self-titled album was filled with gems, and Oh, Ms. Believer is their most thoughtful yet melancholic love song yet. Past members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih collaborated beautifully with Joseph to create this masterpiece about falling in love with someone who had low self-esteem/self-worth.

    Song here.

    6. Screen

    Now, don't let the cheerful rhythm set by dynamic duo Joseph and Dun disarm you: you'll be singing the relatable, "We're broken people" along with the audio track subconsciously, and once you find out what you are singing, you'll just keep singing along.

    Song here.

    5. Polarize

    "Polarize (verb): Restrict the vibrations of wholly or partially to one direction." Obviously, Dun and Joseph aren't speaking in terms of physics, but as soon as you hear, "Those stairs is where I'll be hiding all my problems" about three lines into the song, you'll nod in understanding.

    Song here.

    4. Stressed Out

    From the title, we all know what's to come of this song: the longing for a revival of our childhoods because, quite frankly, we prefer the sound of our mothers' soothing voice over the sound of others' (including our own) disappointments in our life choices eating our flesh.

    Video here.

    3. Car Radio

    Incorporating symbolism that signifies a dark, responsive element some of us can relate to, Joseph spouts lines without giving us a chance to catch the meaning behind this song. As you listen to it the second time around, though, that's where the inspiration hits...which is why Joseph practically screams the most meaningful line at the three-minute mark.

    Video here.

    2. Ride

    Joseph's vocals are crucial, hinting his need for help when singing, "I've been thinking too much,/help me." Everything about this song is raw: the lyrics, the emotion behind the vocals...

    Video here.

    1. Guns For Hands

    This remarkably catchy, upbeat song is misleading (as most TWP songs are) as Joseph sings a plea to survive the internal conflict of coining suicide. A little past midway through the song, the rhythm takes a turn to a raggae style, spewing words of honesty in terms of these mutant kids contemplating self-injury due to their mental illness. This song can leave you in one or both places: breathless and/or in tears.

    Video here.

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