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    5 Bands You Should Listen To This Summer


    Summer is in the air, and this has caused us to desire a taste of vacation—or at least the feeling of one. Even though your swimsuit and summer outfits are flawless for both comfort and fashion, your Spotify playlist cries, "Change me!" because of the abundance of Bon Iver songs. Sweat not, young ones, for we have five bands—and a few of their best songs—to guide you in the right direction this summer vacation!


    Sweet Tea Studios / Via

    Wavves is a surf rock band formed by Nathan Williams as a "recording project."

    Noted by Pitchfork reviewer Ian Cohen as "the opposite of chillwave", Wavves has a feel-good sound to it, triggering a let's-act-like-we're-teenagers vibe.

    Songs to listen to: King of the Pigs, Sail To the Sun, Paranoid, Baseball Cards, Nine Is God.

    The Growlers

    Taylor Bonin / Via

    If you're in dire need of a modern psychadelic rock band, The Growlers is your supplier. Offering a particular rhythm that produces an unconscious, slow head sway, Brooks Nielsen's vocals will anchor you down to the driver's seat of your Jeep after an experience caused by Matt Taylor's rhythmic guitar.

    Songs to listen to: Beach Rats, Monotonia, Not the Man, Dogheart II, Wet Dreams.

    Cloud Nothings

    Brendan Tobin / Via

    Lo-fi rock band Cloud Nothings acts as a catalyst to stimulate your impulsive, thoughtless behavior due to their banging drums, whaling vocals, and heavily-strummed guitar. However, while this may sound a teensy bit too much like Pixies rather than a summer-positive band, there's something about their sound that draws you into the vibe.

    Songs to listen to: Now Hear In, Psychic Trauma, No Thoughts, I'm Not Part of Me, Stay Useless.

    Peach Kelli Pop

    Porchcore Records / Via

    Stirred with sugar, spice, and everything nice, Peach Kelli Pop (Allie Hanlon) is a Japanese dream-pop-meets-surf-rock punker entering the music world with short yet unexpectedly catchy songs. Even though you've probably never heard of her, you'll wonder how you haven't.

    Songs to listen to: Heart Eyes, Sailor Moon, Please Come Home, Dreamphone, Scorpio.

    Dum Dum Girls

    Lauren Dukoff / Via

    Beginning as a generic Best Coast-like lo-fi band, Dum Dum Girls evolved into the powerful, red-lipstick gals with no mercy whatsoever. So if you feel like sitting on your roof or terrace at night and thinking about where time has gone, "I Will Be" is your strongest suit. However, if your summer is filled with havoc at work or romantic interests who are so immature, "Too True" will boost your confidence.

    Songs to listen to: Counting Down, Trouble Is My Name, Cult Of Love, Bedroom Eyes, Wasted Away.

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