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    20 Struggles Of Being A Chicano.

    Or a Mexican born in the U.S..

    1. People automatically think you can speak Spanish.

    veryspecialpictures on Tumblr / Via

    Even though that's the case for some of us, not all of us can communicate like we're stars of a novela on Telemundo.

    2. So they start asking for translations for bizzarre words...

    girlkruger on Tumblr / Via

    3. Like their names...

    let--it--roll on Tumblr / Via

    "Oh my god, can you say Rebecca in Spanish?"

    "Uhh, Rebecca?"

    4. ...or curse words.

    que-cooltura on Tumblr / Via

    "Bro, what's an insult in Spanish?"

    "Soy una güey."

    5. Some think you came from Mexico...

    cannibishouse on Tumblr / Via

    Honey, do you know what Chicano means?

    6. ...even illegally.

    cuntlyff on Tumblr / Via

    Like, sometimes you'll look at them and go, "Esta serio?"

    7. And the question, "Are your parents illegal?" is mentioned way too often.

    yesiamarebelliousflower on Tumblr / Via

    I mean, even if they were, how is it your business?

    8. You're faced with the stupid question once every year.

    moviewhorexo on Tumblr / Via

    ..."Does your family celebrate Cinco de Mayo?"

    9. And the racist stereotypes fail to leave us...

    greasy-raccoons on Tumblr / Via

    10. the jokes...

    sleeping-with-sexican on Tumblr / Via

    "Sorry I'm late."

    "Oh, it's okay; donkeys can be a hassle, right?"

    11. ...Or that we're all really dramatic...

    lilgreiz666 on Tumblr / Via

    No, we're not all like the Latina group in OITNB, and no, the women in telenovelas are actresses. They're acting out their drama.

    12. And some don't think you're Mexican because you're born here...

    Tumblr / Via

    like, esta mal de la cabeza or que?

    13. ...Including other Latinos.

    14. You get offended whenever someone thinks Chipotle is ~authentic~ Mexican food...

    Tumblr / Via

    15. ...And don't even get started on Taco Bell.

    16. Y'know America's favorite "Mexican" food, hard-shelled tacos and burritos?

    17. Totally American-made.

    Tumblr / Via

    18. You know that...

    19. ...But, no matter how many times you mention it...

    Tumblr / Via

    20. ...your non-Latino friends don't care.

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