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12 Crafts You Made As A Kid That You Would Totally Use As A Grown-Up

Times may change, but macaroni picture frames are forever.

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1. Chinese Staircase Friendship Bracelets

Do you have any friends? Well I can't tell, because you're not wearing a friendship bracelet as proof. The Chinese staircase is probably the easiest stitch to learn. Find out how to make them here so you don't look like a total loser.


4. Potpourri Sachets

We used to make these at school for mother's day, and I remember them smelling awful. Maybe you can make a nice-smelling version. Maybe you can put it in your underwear drawer. Maybe you can watch Martha Stewart make one here.

6. Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Remember when kids weren't wimps and their immune systems could handle some lousy peanut butter? Make one of these simple bird feeders and watch the pigeons go crazy. Learn how to make one here.


8. Woven Pot Holders

You will need a weaving loom to make this craft, but they're not too expensive. And once you have one, your options are endless. (Okay, maybe not *endless*. You can weave a lot of potholders, though.) Relearn how to make one here.

10. Ukranian Easter Eggs

These eggs are called pysanky in the Ukraine. Many other eastern European countries decorate their eggs for easter using a wax-resist method, but only eggs painted with traditional Ukrainian patterns are considered pysanky. I remember making these in school and blowing the yolk out of an egg into a trash can. AMAZING. Learn everything you need to know here.

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