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5 Reasons We Don't Need The Rainforest

And one reason why we really do...

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2. Palm Oil


Palm oil seems like it's in everything, but why? A lot of vegetable oils are suitable substitutes and scientists recently discovered a truly revolutionary alternative: a type of yeast.

5. Animal Parts

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Countless species have been driven to extinction and many more are on their way thanks to humans. Animal parts are still widely popular for medicinal use in parts of Asia, while trophy hunting is somehow a popular "sport" for wealthy Americans.

And the one reason you do need the rainforest? LIFE. The air you breathe.

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The lush, dense vegetation of the rainforest sucks up carbon dioxide and gives us the oxygen we need to survive. 20% of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon rainforest alone. Isn’t that reason enough to save it?

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