14 Things That British Shorthairs Love

If you find yourself liking these things, chances are you’re a British Shorthair. And if you’re not, maybe you should stop watching so much Doctor Mew.

2. A box.

meatheadmovers / Via Flickr: meatheadmovers

3. Catnip.

50697352 / Via Flickr: 50697352@N00

4. Fake mouse.

jon_a_ross / Via Flickr: 8950560@N08

5. Real mouse.

6. Hard crunch food.

rfduck / Via Flickr: rfduck

7. Soft chew food.

pathwithpaws / Via Flickr: pathwithpaws

8. Thing on a string.

jon_a_ross / Via Flickr: jon_a_ross

9. Sunny window bed.

10. Scratchy thing.

arriabelli / Via Flickr: arriabelli

11. Better scratchy thing.

12. A fish.

protographer23 / Via Flickr: 50668516@N00

13. A bird.

andymw91 / Via Flickr: 36765923@N05

14. A vacuum.

wordridden / Via Flickr: 97844767@N00

JK!! Can you imagine.

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