The 18 Most Comfortable Beds Ever

You won’t believe you never tried these amazing beds before. Just look at the comfort of these beds. You’ll never want to sleep on a human face again.

1. Environmentally Friendly Bed

Janet McKnight / Via Flickr: janetmck

2. Firm Sloping Bed

Domenico Salvagnin / Via Flickr: dominiqs

3. Weathered Wood Bed (Country Style)

Tony Alter / Via Flickr: 78428166@N00

4. Porcelain Bed (Dangerously Comfortable)

Ian Barbour / Via Flickr: barbourians

5. Wrought-Iron Bed

Domenico Salvagnin / Via Flickr: dominiqs

6. Card-Bed

Marijn de Vries Hoogerwerff / Via Flickr: artonice

7. Elevated Bed With Backboard (Vacuum Proof)

Hourann Bosci / Via Flickr: hourann

8. Travel Bed

Paul Simpson / Via Flickr: paulsimpson1976

9. Bunk Bed

Alisha Vargas / Via Flickr: alishav

10. Weathered Wood Bed (Tropical Style)

Juhana Leinonen / Via Flickr: 48310948@N03

11. Self-Heating Bed

Nathan Taylor / Via Flickr: nataylor

12. Camper Bed (Soft)

itchys / Via Flickr: itchys

13. Camper Bed (Firm)

John Pavelka / Via Flickr: 28705377@N04

14. Structurally Unsound Bed

saragoldsmith / Via Flickr: saragoldsmith

15. Motorbed

Jeremy Little / Via Flickr: jeremyeanlittle

16. Perpetually Clean But Sometimes Dirty Bed

Alisha Vargas / Via Flickr: alishav

17. Card-Bed (Form-Fitting)

Eugene Yong / Via Flickr: eugeneyong

18. Bed of Knowledge (Great Light)

Ben+Sam / Via Flickr: wlscience

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