12 Spots To Nap Before Human Gets Needy Again

Ugh, human needs too much attention. Sleep here when it is busy.

2. Outside.

jtchen-photography / Via Flickr: jtchen-photography

3. Soft.

rangerrick / Via Flickr: rangerrick

4. Maybe trap, but here.

jinterwas / Via Flickr: jinterwas

6. Plant.

zeevveez / Via Flickr: zeevveez

7. Not sure what, but here.

mycutepet / Via mycutepet.tumblr.com

8. Soft.

j_benson / Via Flickr: j_benson

9. Warm bowl on top of soft.

fukagawa / Via Flickr: fukagawa

10. Here.

barbourians / Via Flickr: barbourians

12. Risky, but here.

mgifford / Via Flickr: mgifford

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