10 Signs You Grew Up Persian

If kittenhood felt like an endless series of baths and brush-grooming, this post is for you.

1. While your shorthair friends chased mice and peed on beanbag chairs, you had to compete in cat shows

April Spreeman / Via Flickr: 44124460938@N01

2. Your mother never left the house but somehow had gossip about EVERYONE

Craig Howell / Via Flickr: seat850

3. You had some seriously WTF haircuts

Jared eberhardt / Via Flickr: 7842697@N03

4. All your school photos looked like this

5. Your friends: Zero baths a week. You: ALL THE BATHS

Belal Khan / Via Flickr: 84558170@N00

6. You went to your Calico friend’s house for Easter and were like, Whaaaaat?

Georgi Kirichkov / Via Flickr: 46472557@N00

7. Your friends all thought you ate weird

8. You had to work in your uncle’s store on weekends, catching mice

Ramakrishna Reddy Y / Via Flickr: 69042390@N00
Ramakrishna Reddy Y / Via Flickr: ramkrsna

9. Your dad would caterwaul in front of your girlfriend - UGH, THE WORST

Takashi Hososhima / Via Flickr: htakashi

10. But on your birthday you always got the best old-school toys

Belal Khan / Via Flickr: 84558170@N00

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