9 Exciting New Colors For 2014

Check out these vibrant new colors! We know, we know: “We don’t have the ocular receptors to see the low end of the visual spectrum blah blah blah.” Whatever. Haters gon’ hate.

1. Strawberry red

Fried Dough / Via Flickr: 42787780@N04

2. Pink

Third Eye a.k.a. TreeNetra / Via Flickr: 26225173@N00

3. Cobalt blue

Shannon Prickett / Via Flickr: 51035721459@N01

4. Burnt Orange

wlashbrook / Via Flickr: 78541549@N00

5. Lime green

Christopher Sessums / Via Flickr: 53313745@N00

6. Violet

John Lodder / Via Flickr: 45040421@N06

7. School bus yellow

Bill McChesney / Via Flickr: 10966541@N02

8. Turquoise

TheOrangeOne / Via Flickr: 64800287@N05

9. Pumpkin

Rich Bowen / Via Flickr: 23889540@N00

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