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20 Reasons My Mom Is The Best Mom

...as if it wasn't obvious.

1. She is fun to go out with!

2. She raised her children to explore.

3. She sets an example of what it means to be a friend.

4. She taught us how to relax.

5. That style, though.

6. She pushed us to pursue our dreams.

7. She taught us what it means to be a partner.

8. She knows how important tradition is.

9. She parallel parks like a badass.

10. She gets ladies night.

11. Relaxation Station.

12. She knows how to throw a party.

13. She pushes the limits.

14. She's a dog lover.

15. She'll do anything for the ones she loves.

16. She understands the importance of Happy Hour.

17. She supports impulsive buys.

18. She's my best friend.

19. She is Queen B.

20. We win! We win! The other kids are stupid...