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Updated on Oct 7, 2018. Posted on May 7, 2015

25 Beauty Struggles Asian Girls Go Through

Two words: straight eyelashes.

1. Your mom, grandmothers, and aunts openly commenting on your skin.

Just Kidding Films / Via

"You need more sleep! Drink more water! Why you so dark?"

2. Testing out BB creams is an endless and painful journey.

SUNE mysune / Via

Too yellow. Too greasy. Too drying. Too gray?! Too LIGHT!

3. Uneven eyelids make your makeup process longer than it should be.

From Head To Toe / Via

There are different types of uneven lids. One monolid and one double lid = double the makeup time, since you have to use different techniques for EACH eye. Sometimes one of your eyes is way bigger than the other.

4. For girls with hooded lids, all your eyeshadow efforts are wasted when you open your eyes.

Toei Animation / Sailor Moon / Via

Plus some of us have limited eyelid space so we can't do intricate eye looks.

5. Products your friends praise for being pigmented tend to disappear into your skin.

6. Curls last for like 0.5 seconds because your hair is SO straight.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Via

7. Your mom complains whenever you get tan.

Fung Bros Comedy / Via

You want to rebel (sort of) but find yourself buying sunscreen products as you get older.

8. Eyebrow hairs don't listen to you.

From Head To Toe / Via

There is always that one stray hair sticking out. Pluck you!

9. You're addicted to Asian sheet masks.

BubzBeauty / Via

10. You wonder if coloring your hair is worth it, since you'd have to do your eyebrows too.

11. Finding the perfect foundation is harder than it looks.

Nikitabuida / Getty Images / Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

12. And magazines really only recommend products for three or four skin tones.

Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

What about in-between skin colors?!

13. Having short-ass eyelashes that are stick-straight.

Ami-rian / Getty Images / Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

They point downward sometimes too! WTF lashes.

14. You cry a little inside when you see people with long eyelashes.

Tiffany Quake / Via

And think to yourself I can take those off your hands when you see guys with luscious lashes.

15. And having a love-hate relationship with fake eyelashes.

Eskaylim / Getty Images / Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

This is me after watching every mascara commercial.

16. Spending too much time analyzing your large pores in the mirror.

Khartsevatetiana / Getty Images

"I am a strawberry."

17. Wishing you had perfect skin like all the Korean pop stars...

Ryanking999 / Getty Images

...but then realizing dermatologist visits, skin treatments, and essences are SUPER expensive.

18. Eyebrow pencils made for brown/black hair are way too dark for you.

Promise Phan / Via

19. Actually figuring out what type of makeup works for your eye shape is hard.

Asians eyes come in different shapes and sizes. One technique does not fit all!

20. Learning how to do monolid makeup requires a ton of a trial and error.

Meej Muse / Via

21. Being addicted to contouring but feeling too lazy in the mornings.

22. Realizing that bleaching your hair is the only way you'll get colorful hair.

23. Hiding your under-eye circles that will NEVER go away.

Beauty by Deepti / Via

24. Certain lipsticks aren't flattering on your skin tone.

Barbie Collection / Via

But they look so pretty on the model tho.

25. Rolling your eyes whenever an article claims all Asians are obsessed with "Western" beauty standards.