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This Artist Creates Embroidery That Looks So Realistic, You Might Get Hungry

Warning: Looking at pictures of extremely realistic embroidered pizza WILL make you hungry.

Since we're all stuck at home now, I picked up hand embroidery recently because I was sick of looking at screens all day. It's a time-consuming activity, sure, but one that is also super relaxing.

Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

You only need a few things to start, so it's relatively inexpensive compared to other hobbies. There are also a ton of patterns and kits out there to get you started!

And while I was looking around for inspiration for my new quarantine hobby, I stumbled upon @ipnot on Instagram, and my jaw dropped.

For example, this one of a pizza slice needs to be framed in a museum somewhere.

According to her profile, "Ipnot" is a childhood nickname that the artist goes by. When I reached out to her on Instagram, she told me that she originally got into embroidery because it was her grandmother's hobby.

Her favorite stitch is the French knot, which is equally feared and revered in the embroidery world.

カップヌードル / Via Twitter: @cupnoodle_jp

I have to admit: Many of her creations made me do double takes because they just look so realistic.

I mean, just look at these coffee bubbles!

ipnot / Via

Sometimes her work looks better than the real thing.

And I'm astounded at how much detail goes into these pieces.

Here I am, struggling to keep my satin stitches straight, and then there's this perfectly embroidered chocolate chip cookie.

ipnot / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ipnot

I literally have no words.

Also, I don't know about you, but I'm oddly hungry now.

ipnot / Via

@ipnot has also done some non-food-related pieces, and they're just as breathtaking.

And Harry Potter ones, too!

It's just so impressive how @ipnot always manages to create something beautiful out of something so simple.

I'm jealous of this talent, but it also gives me something to aspire to.

You can check out more of @ipnot's work on Instagram and her official website.

ipnot / Via

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