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22 Tweets That Prove Hugh Laurie Getting A Twitter Is The Best Thing To Happen In The Last Month

Perfect man, perfect Twitter.

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3. His contemplation on butterflies would make Socrates, Freud, and Descartes jealous.

You're right Hugh, being a butterfly is too much responsibility. Stick to actor and professional tweeter.

10. His sudden existential realizations.

If this coffee is meaningless, is the tea meaningless as well? What about espresso? Does that fall under the realm? Or the coffee shop in general?

12. His concern over the future of children.

Someday she'll look back and realize that she had the chance to shake the hand of House, and the burglar from 101 Dalmations, and Prince George and she will cry out in Latin.

17. His relief at not suddenly transforming into a Hobbit.

Though hobbits are pretty cool Hugh, I don't know if you should dismiss them completely as a potential creature to transform into.

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