22 Tweets That Prove Hugh Laurie Getting A Twitter Is The Best Thing To Happen In The Last Month

Perfect man, perfect Twitter.

1. And so it begins. The First Tweet.

You already know everyone on the internet is in for a hugely unique treat.

2. His observations on the cities he visits are better than any guide book.

The air shall be filled with song and rejoicing.

3. His contemplation on butterflies would make Socrates, Freud, and Descartes jealous.

You’re right Hugh, being a butterfly is too much responsibility. Stick to actor and professional tweeter.

4. His ability to express Fanboying is eloquent and vivid.

Keep the can for a special day.

5. His knack for expressing complex political issues so succinctly

Oh Hugh, you’re not old enough to need a new hip. You are ageless.

6. His fearlessness in the face of death.

I have so many questions about this tweet Hugh.

7. His self-deprecation is so relateable.

I am very sure everyone around you greatly appreciated this.

8. His casual references to being a possible Time Lord.

This would explain so many things about you.

9. His quintessential Britishness

I believe I read once that the 2 national sports of Britain are actually queuing and moaning.

10. His sudden existential realizations.

If this coffee is meaningless, is the tea meaningless as well? What about espresso? Does that fall under the realm? Or the coffee shop in general?

11. His concerns over social faux pas’

The lesson is, always have cake ready.

12. His concern over the future of children.

Someday she’ll look back and realize that she had the chance to shake the hand of House, and the burglar from 101 Dalmations, and Prince George and she will cry out in anguish…in Latin.

13. His intelligence is so great, he can fool even himself.

jlumbrozo was his ‘old’ twitter name, that he never ever used. Ah! He never saw it coming! The perfect plan.

14. His respect and appreciation for the musical Legends.

Also more Britishness.

15. His ability to set the scene for you in just 140 characters.

I honestly have no idea what this is referring to, and yet I laughed.

16. His handling and understanding of the English language.

You’re right Hugh. You are so right.

17. His relief at not suddenly transforming into a Hobbit.

Though hobbits are pretty cool Hugh, I don’t know if you should dismiss them completely as a potential creature to transform into.

18. His desires to Stick it to the Man.

He has a point. Next visa application, I’ll submit the application plus a questionnaire. Only sensible really.

19. His observations on parades delights all.

The amount of times I lose my cell phone though, a parade is deserved for when I find it. So.

20. His superstitious nature.

May he ever guide you.

21. His discussion of fashion.

Also puns, glorious puns.

22. His desire to converse on the relative intelligence of animals.

Don’t bother with goats Hugh. One of them tried to eat my clothes when I was 6, they’re nasty and thugs.

What I’m trying to say is…Hugh, you’re a genius.

Never stop doing what you do.

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