21 Fan Items To Help You Get Ready For The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary Special

Here are a couple of things to help you get ready for the feels and help you get through the pain after.

1. TARDIS Sweatshirt

‘POLICE BOX’ SWEATER / Via wickedclothes.com

Any preparation for the viewing of the special obviously requires the correct outfit, and you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Tardis blue Tardis sweatshirt. Also you’re damn sure to look damn sexy.

2. Hello Sweetie Racerback Top

Hello Sweetie - Tri-blend Racerback Ladies Tank Top / Via etsy.com

If warmer weather does not allow for the sweatshirt, then obviously the next choice is to emulate the queen of bad-asses: River Song. Hello all my sweeties xx

3. I <3 <3 The Doctor Ring

I Love the Dr. - Doctor Who - Adjustable Aluminum Wrap Ring / Via etsy.com

A subtle ring to call out to all other whovians your love of the great and wonderful mad man with a box.

4. Doctor Who Coasters

Doctor Who Coasters / Via etsy.com

Look at them! Just like the Doctor protects the Universe, these coasters protect your table. Both very important, both essential.

5. TARDIS Flask

Handmade TARDIS Flask / Via etsy.com

To help you drink away the pain over the fact that you are not yet a companion of the Doctor’s.

6. 10th and 11th Doctor Bookmarks

Bookmark set, number 10 and 11 / Via etsy.com

Books! The best weapon in the world! And these fella’s will help you get there.

7. The Girl Who Waited Bracelet

The Girl Who Waited Hand Stamped Doctor Who Bracelet / Via etsy.com

For the girl that has waited between every painful hiatus and agonizing break for this glorious special

8. TARDIS iPhone Stand

Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand / Via etsy.com

Because it’s adorable and everything you own should be related back to Doctor Who

9. Would You Run Away With The Doctor In These Clothes? Mug

Would You Run Away With The Doctor in Those Clothes Coffee Mug / Via etsy.com

I mean he has a huge closet for you and everything, but like, still you should be prepared.

10. Hello! I’m a Whovian! Button

Doctor Who Button / Via etsy.com

I mean sometimes its nice to just be easily identified and not have to say subtle quotes to see if anyone else understands your love.

11. TARDIS Dress

DOCTOR WHO Tardis Police Box Dress / Via etsy.com

Every costume, fancy dress party, or Con just got a thousand times easier to dress for.

12. Timey Wimey Detector Necklace

Timey Wimey Detector Necklace / Via etsy.com

It goes ding.

13. TARDIS Snow Globe

Doctor Who the TARDIS in flight snow globe / Via etsy.com

Tis the season! I bet that this is going to end up in an episode somehow….

14. 11th Doctor Hand painted Toms

Eleventh Doctor Who Toms / Via etsy.com

These are so adorable, and all around them are quotes and more things and I’d wear them so much every day. Also pretty good for the relative amount of running necessary to be a Doctor’s companion.

15. ANY Of the Doctors as a Plush Doll.

doctor who character of your choice / Via etsy.com


16. Hand Painted Headphones

Doctor Who headphones earphones hand painted / Via etsy.com

Right, no witty caption, these are just dope as all get out.

17. TARDIS Plush Toys

Doctor Who - Tardis Plush / Via etsy.com

Perfect to go with the previous item, also these are just freaking adorable.

18. Dalek Cookie Cutter

Doctor Who Dalek Cookie Cutter / Via etsy.com

They’re sure to make DALEK-table cookies. Also, Christmas just got a lot more interesting this year.

19. 10th Doctor Pencils

Doctor Who pack of 3 blue stamped pencils / Via etsy.com

In celebration of David Tennant’s return.

20. Intoxicate Koozy

Doctor Who Dalek Koozie / Via etsy.com

I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it…

21. I Left Both of my Hearts in Gallifrey Keychain

Doctor Who Both My Hearts Keychain / Via etsy.com

My hearts, my soul, my everything. I mean…

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