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    14 Tote Bags For Anyone Who's Tired Of Carrying The Patriarchy On Their Shoulders

    Because there shouldn't be anything radical about demanding to be treated like a human being.

    1. Intersectional Feminism / Via

    Because if it's not all-inclusive, what is the point? Show your love of being as inclusive as possible here.

    2. Our Most Radical Work is to Love Ourselves / Via

    Fight that engrained self-hatred the patriarchy has instilled in all of us. Love yourself, you ARE good enough — more than good enough!

    Find it here.

    3. Let Frida Inspire You Every Day / Via

    Frida defied societal expectations of women. Find it HERE

    4. You're So Pretty, You Should Smile More / Via

    Let him know his wholly unsolicited advice is entirely unwelcome with this tote bag.

    5. Straight To The Point: Feminist / Via

    I don't have anything inspiring here because this bag is just beautiful and dope.

    Find it here.

    6. We Cannot Succeed When Half Of Us Are Held Back / Via

    Remind the world that, sometimes, perfect human beings do exist and that Malala is one of them. Daily inspiration can be found here.

    7. Not In Competition With Other Women / Via

    Tearing each other down only distracts us from the goal! We are not in competition with each other!

    Find it here.

    8. Hello My Name is NOT:... / Via

    Let the world know with this tote bag that you don't owe them shit.

    9. Raise Your Voice / Via

    Let the world know you can't be silenced with this tote bag!

    10. Destroy the Patriarchy / Via

    The patriarchy keeps us all down. Tell the world you're fed up and buy this bag.

    11. Feminism is Unisex / Via

    Everyone benefits from gender equality and the breaking down of gender expectations and norms!

    Find it here.

    12. Team Strong Female Protagonist / Via

    "Why do you write strong female protagonists?"

    "Because you're still asking me why"

    find it here.

    13. Worth More / Via

    We can all dream with this tote bag that one day information will trump biases.

    14. Carry Yourself with the Confidence of a Mediocre White Man / Via

    Something to aspire to.

    Find it here

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