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A 3-Day Festival Celebrating Beyoncé Is Being Planned For 2018

Get ready -- 'The HiveFest' will potentially be the BIGGEST PARTY OF ALL TIME.

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Everyone knows*** Beyoncé.


She is an incredible singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress, style icon, humanitarian, and much much more.

Recently one fan decided that it was time to celebrate in a REALLY BIG way.

Allenia is the mastermind behind all this and had the idea a couple of weeks ago while on Pinterest.

She says:

"I saw this pin that was of cupcakes that had honey and bees on them. A few months before, a friend had tagged me in this video of a bee related party. So three weeks ago, I decided to throw an event for the Beyhive."

Initially, she posted this idea on her Instagram, a fan account, @lovethybey and says that "everybody went comments blew up!"

She then created a poll to decide the details of the event and found that the highest voted name was 'The HiveFest'.

The HiveFest currently has its own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook devoted to coming up with ideas and promoting this 3-day festival.

She has already booked a baker and photographer and is now working on booking a venue in Houston.

As of now it will be held in Houston, Texas (Bey's hometown) in the summer of 2018.

Which gives plenty of time to prepare and get excited for what could potentially be the biggest gathering of a fan base ever.

Allenia says, "“I want as many people in the Beyhive to be aware of this event and attend. If it becomes anything like I imagined, then it will be an annual event.”

Allenia has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money that will go towards "booking, decorations, entertainment, games, and goodies".

Also, a portion of what is raised will go to those who cannot afford the trip.

“I’ve had people DM me saying how they have no friends who love Beyoncé like they do. So that inspires me to do this for them – for those who feel like no one shares the same passion.”

For more information on how to help make this a reality, click here!!

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