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    This Cat Pillow Is Kind Of The Cutest Thing Ever

    I want to collect all of them.

    This adorable cat pillow has been taking Japan by storm, and we can totally understand why.

    I managed to get two of them today, so I brought them to my office.

    Catherine JiHye Go / BuzzFeed

    People were shrieking over how cute they are.

    When I placed them next to my computer, I felt completely at peace while working.

    Catherine JiHye Go / BuzzFeed

    There is no stress that a cute cat can't fix.

    You can put them pretty much anywhere and they'll make you both super comfortable and happy!

    Catherine JiHye Go / BuzzFeed

    When I put it behing my back or on my lap, I feel as if I'm working while covered in cats.

    They look unbelievably cute on a couch.

    Catherine JiHye Go / BuzzFeed

    And it kind of makes me feel like there's an actual cat there.

    When placed in a conference room, it gives a serene feeling during meetings.

    Catherine JiHye Go / BuzzFeed

    Not many people would be annoyed when looking at these cats.

    And it might not be a bad idea to take it with you when you have to do something extra stressful, like a meeting with HR.

    On Instagram, people have been talking about actual cats that look like the pillows.

    Which is the pillow? Which is the real cat? The world may never know!

    Look at those mysterious eyes!

    The color of this cat's beautiful fur is very similar to the color of the pillow.

    Oh my gosh, so similar!

    The pattern and the shape of the ears are very similar.

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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