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Updated on Dec 5, 2018. Posted on Nov 27, 2018

This Dog Went Viral On Tumblr Because She's So Smart And Naughty

I love you, Arwen.

Tumblr user Gallusrostromegalus' recent post about their parents' dog, Arwen, has gone viral on Tumblr because it is so delightful. Please enjoy the saga of this very good and very smart dog presented in its entirety:

Gallusrostromegalus has also gone into great detail about Arwen's training history, for those who are curious!

And just for kicks, here's video of Arwen playing in a hose...

...and here she is getting a treat!

Okay, that is all. Enjoy your day and be sure to follow Gallusrostromegalus for more updates on Arwen!

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