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    18 Cats Who Think They're Librarians

    In online MLIS programs, no one knows you're a cat.

    1. I use only the best research databases, because I'm a librarian.

    2. My storytimes are engaging for the whole family.

    3. I keep up with all the latest tech and trends.

    4. But getting out into the community is the best way to engage users!

    5. Being a librarian isn't all fun and games. I have a lot of committee work too.

    6. I teach classes regularly.

    7. And I present my research at conferences.

    8. I find the books you're looking for.

    9. I'll track down those hard to find documents.

    10. And I'll take the time to make sure our boxes are archival quality.

    11. I work hard to be patient with patrons.

    12. So, sometimes I need a drink at the end of the day.

    13. Or some socializing with other librarians.

    14. And then the next day, I'll get right back to cataloging new items...

    15. ...wearing sweaters...

    16. ...being awesome...

    17. ... and Making It Happen ...

    18. ... because I'm a librarian.