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Desperate Housewives

The international sensation is making its way to Africa

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Desperate Housewives was a great show about a small group of best friends. Throw in some crazy secrets, a gated community of nosy neighbors, and poker nights, and you had the making of good tv. What made the show so great to watch is the idea that the grass isn't greener on the other side (although you could make the argument for Bree's garden if we were to take that expression literally). All these women had high paying jobs, or their husbands did. They had large houses and well manicured lawns. To the outsider or the casual passer by, their lives did seem pretty close to perfect, but the show proceeded to destroy that notion pretty quickly.

What made the show so great was the fact that it tackled issues that real women face. For example the woman who gave up her job to raise her kids. The woman who tried to make everything perfect for her family, and in the end it still all fell apart. They showed different kind of family dynamics such as a single mother who didn't need everything to be perfect and a former model who was unapologetic for her less than PC attitude.

The show obviously struck a chord with audiences around the world as there have been remakes in Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and the United States in Spanish, and now there will be one in Africa. "EbonyLife TV's CEO Mo Abudu says the series will have "an African soul" featuring a cast of new and established pan-African talent that will showcase fashion by Nigerian dress designers. It is to air in summer 2014." We would love to see how this show interprets the original concept and makes it its own!

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