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Boys Vs. Girls

No longer just eye candy, but actual contestants.

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We can't wait for August second to get here, because it looks like things are stirring up in Tyra Banks's new season of America's Next Top Model. It only took 20 seasons and a few overhauls of the entire show, but now 8 guys along with 8 girls get a chance at the coveted title that only Tyra can bestow.‎

It seems that the competition of competing against one another is no longer enough, now it has become a battle of the sexes. The preview above shows that guys are in in to win it this year and we're glad to see this new season. We know that when people usually think of model, a woman usually comes to mind, but don't be fooled.

Do the names Tyson Beckford and Jason Lewis ring any bells? Well they should. There are many male models out there and they are just as successful as their female counterparts. Last year, Vogue released this article of the Top 25 Male Models Ever ( and the majority of the guys are American.

If the track record of America's Next Top Model continues, we should be fairly confident that the girls will be having some fierce competition this season. We're glad to see the guys on the show being treated as competition instead of just eye candy. We can't wait to see what the male version of a smize looks like.

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