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The Fear Of The Spoiler

It’s becoming a pretty big deal

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With the latest news of a leaked soundtrack list for the new Captain America movie, came the inevitable fear of spoilers for the whole movie. While we're almost entirely sure that this soundtrack isn't the real thing, it brings up the topic of spoilers and why people are so afraid of knowing things. We run into a fundamental problem. The age of the internet is defined by the fact that there is unlimited knowledge and information for anyone and everyone to see, yet people still want to be surprised.

It's what made Beyonce's surprise album such a huge deal. People couldn't understand just how such a big secret was kept secret for so long! But then the entertainment industry runs into a problem. How can they build up hype about something without giving away some kind of information? What about the book to movie adaptations? Most of the fans of the books are the ones that will go to see the movie anyways. JJ Abrams has said that he wished that he had simply given out the information that Benedict Cumberbatch was the villain instead of keeping it so hush hush.

Here at Cast Hub, we say "so what if there are some details spilled?" it won't be the end of the world if we know. If you haven't seen the tv show or the movie, it won't make much sense without the context. And if all else fails, take a page from Doctor Who:

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