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Our Favorite Doctor Who Episode

Craig is the companion we want and need!

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Doctor Who has had an amazing year in2013, with 50th anniversary and with Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. But to this day, our favorite episode is "Closing Time"! It said a lot about The Doctor that of all the people he has met throughout his long life, he decides to see Craig before going to Lake Silencio. Here are some of our reasons why:

Any baby who can come up with this name for themselves, is pretty awesome in our book!

He has gone on to be the best meme of all.

Stormageddon is very self assured and knew his place as well as the rest of the world’s place

The only wanted to see Craig, there was no ulterior motive. (He crossed his hearts and everything)

And who can blame him?

Craig and The Doctor are so close that this moment happened

And even this sweet moment happened

Craig may not have had the longest run as the Doctor’s companion, but he is the best!

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