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    29 Times Gina Rodriguez Inspired The World

    "I can and I did."

    1. When she spoke these powerful words.

    2. When she was proud to be Latina.

    3. And refused to be put in a box.

    4. When she was so authentically and honestly thankful.

    5. When she received this beautifully inspiring message.

    6. When her #movementmondays lit a fire inside all of us.

    7. When she directed and hosted Young Women's Honors, a platform and show dedicated to celebrating incredible women.

    10 powerful and amazing women in a pic @WomensHonors #YWH16

    8. And then reminded us why it was all so incredibly important.

    After executive producing my first show ever @WomensHonors nothing reminds me of the ladies we are doing this for t…

    9. When she interviewed the president.

    10. When her whole Twitter was made up of these inspiring nuggets of wisdom like this.

    When you aren't afraid to confront hate with love, that's where change occurs. Bring your torch of light deep into that cave a darkness.

    11. And this.

    The sun is big enough to shine on us all. Fight that demon that wants to tear others down for their success and replace it with appreciation

    12. She is always supporting and inspiring her fans.

    13. Basically every single thing she tweets is inspiring.

    Life is a full time job. You have to work at it, be persistent, TRY, fail and TRY again, this is life but how freaking exciting is that!

    14. When she embraced her body.

    15. And encouraged all of us to do the same.

    16. When she gave her iconic Golden Globes acceptance speech.

    17. When she called her sister her hero and let her know she's truly appreciated.

    18. When she was so unbelievably radiant.

    19. When she was the strongest, most headstrong woman in Hollywood.

    20. When she absolutely killed it on Lip Sync Battle.

    21. When she encouraged us to fight that voice inside that says we're not good enough.

    22. When she was basically the most talented person to ever exist.

    23. When she let us know that anyone can come through adversity.

    24. When she supported her sisters.

    25. When she put that mantra in practice and got emotional at Jessica Alba's speech.

    26. When she recognised the importance of schooling and advocated for education everywhere.

    27. When she was a badass boxer.

    28. When she never forgot where she came from.

    29. When she basically slayed every single minute of every single day.