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17 Things That Would Change If "Friends" Were Made Today

Phoebe would have a vegan Instagram influencer.

1. The show has some storylines that, er, haven't aged well. Hopefully if the show were made today it would be a lot more diverse and represent what New York is really like.

2. Monica's weight would not be the butt of the joke, instead she would have a storyline about loving her body.

3. Rachel and Ross would hire a male nanny and it wouldn't be a huge thing, or even an episode arc.

4. The group would often feel uncomfortable when Joey makes sexist jokes and they'd call him out on it

5. Chandler kissing a guy would not be a big deal.

6. And neither would Rachel kissing a girl, hopefully.

7. Monica definitely couldn't get away with this now.

8. A lot about the show would change, for example they wouldn't be able to afford such a beautiful flat in the centre of New York.

9. Instead they would all probably live with their parents.

10. Phoebe would have a vegan Instagram where she'd use her influence to encourage people to be more mindful of the earth.

11. She'd also occasionally post videos of her singing.

12. Ugly Naked Guy would just be Naked Guy and everyone would admire him for being in touch with nature.

13. Joey would still say "How you doin'?" but would do it over DMs.

14. Chandler would have a Twitter Account and would constantly be trying to go viral.

15. And he wouldn't be immune to a YouTube prank scandal.

16. Rachel would still put beef in the trifle but afterwards she would start a hipster café selling beef trifle which would go viral.

17. And finally, Ross and Rachel should know whether they were on a break because someone should have live streamed the whole thing.