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    23 Gifts To Get Your Disney-Addicted Friend

    Have you left Christmas shopping until the last minute again? That's a tale as old as time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This Beauty and the Beast Chip mug.

    2. This glam Danielle Nicole Cinderella bag.

    3. This Disney Monopoly board game.

    4. These princess face masks that will make you look like royalty.

    5. This fancy AF personalised passport holder.

    6. This Mickey Mouse light-up poster.

    7. This adorable 101 Dalmatians pin.

    8. This three-pack of Bambi socks.

    9. This Minnie Mouse keyring and phone charger.

    10. This Now That's What I Call Disney album that will definitely get your friend dancing around the house.

    11. This mega-cute Mickey Mouse umbrella.

    12. This Winnie the Pooh money pot they can keep all their treasures in, or honey!

    13. These Beauty and the Beast bath rose petals.

    14. These snug Mickey Mouse embroidered PJs.

    15. These gorgeous MAC Cinderella lipsticks.

    16. These beautiful Minnie Mouse ears that will make them feel like they're at Disney World all the time.

    17. These quirky Mickey and Minnie shoes.

    18. This Moana DVD will keep your friend entertained for hours, and then they'll probably sing the songs to you every day after.

    19. This super-cool 1967 movie poster of The Jungle Book.

    20. This Bambi jumper that will make you look as cute as Bambi.

    21. This elegant Alice in Wonderland makeup bag.

    22. This hilarious pugs-as-princesses phone case.

    23. This mini Eeyore Tsum Tsum.