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    23 Gifts To Get Your Disney-Addicted Friend

    Have you left Christmas shopping until the last minute again? That's a tale as old as time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This Beauty and the Beast Chip mug.

    Get it from Asos, £12.

    2. This glam Danielle Nicole Cinderella bag.

    Get it from Disney, £25.

    3. This Disney Monopoly board game.

    Get it from Amazon, £29.37.

    4. These princess face masks that will make you look like royalty.

    Get them at Topshop, £4 each.

    5. This fancy AF personalised passport holder.

    Get it from Etsy, £8.

    6. This Mickey Mouse light-up poster.

    Get it from Urban Outfitters, £25.

    7. This adorable 101 Dalmatians pin.

    Get it from Etsy, £10.04.

    8. This three-pack of Bambi socks.

    Get them from New Look, £5.99.

    9. This Minnie Mouse keyring and phone charger.

    Get it from Asos, £9.99.

    10. This Now That's What I Call Disney album that will definitely get your friend dancing around the house.

    Get it from Amazon, £11.99.

    11. This mega-cute Mickey Mouse umbrella.

    Get it from Cath Kidston, £30.

    12. This Winnie the Pooh money pot they can keep all their treasures in, or honey!

    Get it from Clintons, £10.

    13. These Beauty and the Beast bath rose petals.

    Get them from Debenhams, £4.20.

    14. These snug Mickey Mouse embroidered PJs.

    Get them from Asos, £30.

    15. These gorgeous MAC Cinderella lipsticks.

    Get them from Skin and Bones, £9.99.

    16. These beautiful Minnie Mouse ears that will make them feel like they're at Disney World all the time.

    Get them from Etsy, £13.99.

    17. These quirky Mickey and Minnie shoes.

    Get them from Cath Kidston, £40.

    18. This Moana DVD will keep your friend entertained for hours, and then they'll probably sing the songs to you every day after.

    Get it from HMV, £6.99.

    19. This super-cool 1967 movie poster of The Jungle Book.

    Get it from All Posters, £8.99.

    20. This Bambi jumper that will make you look as cute as Bambi.

    Get it from H&M, £17.99.

    21. This elegant Alice in Wonderland makeup bag.

    Get it from Clintons, £10.

    22. This hilarious pugs-as-princesses phone case.

    Get it from Redbubble, £19.45.

    23. This mini Eeyore Tsum Tsum.

    Get it from Disney, £3.