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    Posted on May 26, 2018

    19 Reasons Why Dessert Will Always Be Better Than Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

    It can be sweet and savoury? Wow, lunch is shook.

    1. I'm sorry to all of the other meals but dessert is undoubtedly the best meal.

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    2. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all great but they're very much about sustaining your body and giving it the nutrients it needs. Dessert is about pure fun.


    3. Dessert is a treat and something you indulge in, its only purpose is to bring you happiness.


    4. For example, you could have a giant slab of chocolate after your dinner and no one could tell you anything because it's dessert and you deserve to treat yourself.


    5. There are plenty of reasons that dessert is the best but number one has to be cake.


    6. Cake is fluffy, delicious, and there are literally hundreds of types. No offence but when has dinner or breakfast been that diverse? Never.

    7. The second biggest argument for dessert is ice cream. I don't need to explain how great ice cream is to you, it needs no help in that department.


    8. An honourable mention also goes to pie for being so damn delightful. Savoury pie pales in comparison.

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    9. Dessert can be savoury and sweet, that's how you know that dessert is superior.


    10. There is no greater joy than a cheese board after your dinner.

    11. Seriously, you can't argue with Camembert.

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    12. Dessert is zany and fun and can be way more exciting than boring dessert or breakfast. For example, you could never make your lunch this huge.

    13. Just look at this melting dessert:

    14. You can't tell me that dessert isn't the greatest when there's a pudding that exists called "spotted dick".

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    15. I've not even touched on how custard is the best liquid ever and the fact that it accompanies desserts makes it even better.


    16. And chocolate sauce, oh mama that stuff is heavenly.


    17. Everybody loves the person who brings dessert to a dinner party.


    18. People who make main meals are fine but if you can make pieces of art like this chef then you're on another level.

    19. In conclusion, dessert is the best meal and will never let you down.