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    17 Photos Proving Phil Mitchell Is The Biggest Fresher

    He really lets loose outside of Albert Square.

    1. Steve McFadden, the actor who plays Phil Mitchell on Eastenders, has been experiencing freshers' week.

    2. He went to Sheffied University's Bierkeller event and really worked the camera.

    Tom Andrews Photography / Via Twitter: @JosieRoseKirk

    3. And also went to Plymouth University's freshers' and proved to be very popular with the students.

    George Harding Photography / Via Twitter: @Lotso_L_R

    4. He took lots of selfies.

    5. Like, lots.

    6. Some better than others.

    7. And honestly looked chuffed to be at freshers'.

    8. Bet he’s signed up to all the societies.

    9. And joined the rugby team for the nights out.

    10. Did his mum send him off with a 10kg bag of pasta?

    11. And did she make sure to equip him with Lemsip in case of freshers' flu?

    12. Is he the one who steals cutlery?

    13. Or is he the one who steals milk?

    14. Or maybe he's the good fresher who makes you a cup of tea.

    15. Bet he made a huge dent in his student loan.

    16. But all that matters is that he enjoyed himself.

    17. Really hope he got to his 9am the next morning though.

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