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17 Moments All Buffet Lovers Live For

Why choose one dish when you can have them ALL?

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1. When you pre-game, eating enough to warm up your stomach but not enough to get full.


2. When you don't have to wait to be served.

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3. When you don't have to worry about just chosing one thing on the menu.


4. Because you can have whatever you want!


5. When there's no queue for the food.


6. Or when there is a queue but you don't mind and you're just happy you can all celebrate this delicious buffet together.


7. When you thought they were out of something and then BAM they bring it out.


8. When an entirely new dish that you've never seen before gets brought out.


9. When you remember there's dessert.


10. And when you remember the dessert includes cake.

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11. When you're not full so can go up for seconds


12. When you're so full you could burst.


13. But you know you got your money's worth.

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14. When your friend says they hate buffets and you make it your mission to prove them wrong.

15. So you introduce them to your fave buffet in hopes that they'll love it.

16. and wait nervously for their reaction.


17. And when you've successfully converted another person to the glory of buffets.

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And one more person in the world knows true feeling.