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19 Reasons Kangaroos Should Be Your Ride Or Die

A kangaroo best mate would always have your back.

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1. Kangaroos are basically the most adorable things on two legs.

Instagram: @not_just_travel

2. They'd make a totally chill best friend, like one of those mates you could hang out with and not say a word.

4. Like seriously they'd make the greatest wingmen.

5. Kangaroos are great at jumping, which would really come in handy if the pair of you got into any trouble, or if you wanted to dress it up as a human and enter the Olympics.

Instagram: @rittiohm

6. They're also renowned for being the best in the world at air guitar.

Kangaroo is milly rocking. 2017 already a better year.

7. Kangaroos have hundreds of celebrity friends.

Instagram: @taylorswift

8. And would probably be totally cool with introducing you sometime.

Instagram: @blakelively

9. Joeys are the cutest thing on the earth and really have the right idea with this whole pouch thing.

Instagram: @sahliall

10. Seriously, just look at that little Joey!

Instagram: @sherryartmattersltd

11. And a host of baby kangaroos is just too much.

Instagram: @grow2live

12. Kangaroos would have your back all the time, no one would pick a fight with you.

that kangaroo found that dudes house that squared up with him. He wants round 2 🤔

13. Picture it, you're at a bar and someone picks a fight with you. Your best mate kangaroo turns round and says "is there a problem here?" and the person shits themselves.

Instagram: @thekangaroosanctuary

14. They love being all snuggly in a bag.

Instagram: @hug_3_

15. And could teach you how to reach this optimal level of comfort.

Instagram: @hug_3_

16. Just imagine being part of their squad!

Instagram: @dbllwhiterussian

17. They're honestly so talented at posing.

Instagram: @iijimak

18. Just think of the fire selfies you could take together.

19. Basically kangaroos are the cutest, coolest animal and humans must befriend them immediately.

Instagram: @cm_gau