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    9 American Foods That Are Entirely Different In Britain

    Wtf even is grits?

    1. Biscuits and Gravy in America:

    Twitter: @Soupremacy_Indy

    This looks like beige shite on top of beige shite and I am not here for it.

    Biscuits and Gravy in Britain:

    Twitter: @imbadatlife

    No thank you.

    2. Eggplant in America:

    Magone / Getty Images

    This is just the aubergine's way of trying to reinvent itself, but it's not working.

    Eggplant in Britain:

    Olgaponomarenko / Getty Images

    If only eggs grew on trees.

    3. Chips in America:

    Twitter: @akbeach

    They're crispy so just call them crisps!

    Chips in Britain:

    Twitter: @garethlpowell

    Chips in Britain are the right way of doing chips. Nothing beats salty, vinegar-y chip shop chips. Nothing.

    4. Jelly in America:

    Twitter: @Jodyth

    Jam, you mean jam.

    Jelly in Britain:

    Twitter: @wobblybumkid

    Every british child was brought up on a steady diet of jelly and ice cream with a side of Pink Panther biscuits and we're all the better for it.

    5. Sloppy joes in America:

    Twitter: @S5photog

    Congrats on ruining Bolognese, America.

    Sloppy joes in Britain:

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    In Britain, sloppy Joe is your wasted uncle at a family wedding who is trying to slur his way through a conversation about Brexit, without bringing up his ex-wife.

    6. Frosting in America:

    Twitter: @NewCascadiaTrad

    Frosting is delicious, tbh. There's no negative here.

    Frosting in Britain:

    Twitter: @Seedsman1986

    A frosting in Britain is the international symbol for "don't bother getting out of bed it's cold as fuck and you don't deserve to set foot out there".

    7. Swedish fish in America:

    Twitter: @Epochify

    So basically a shit Haribo?

    Swedish fish in Britain:

    Alexsl / Getty Images

    This one's self-explanatory.

    8. Baby Ruth in Britain:

    Katrinaelena / Getty Images

    We call babies Ruth, not chocolate.

    Baby Ruth in America:

    Twitter: @TinManVlogger

    An average chocolate bar that kind of looks like poop after a hefty curry.

    9. Grits in America:

    Twitter: @wayneterry

    What even... why... how can you look at this and think "yeah I'd love to put that in my mouth?".

    Grits in Britain:

    Twitter: @PaulMccartan1

    In the winter the iconic grit bin is the backbone of Britain.