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    Posted on Jun 23, 2017

    Dear America, You Have Ruined Apple Pie Congratulations

    How could you?!

    This is the humble apple pie, take it all in because this is what peak dessert performance looks likes.

    I have recently learned that this majestic pudding is being tragically disrespected by Americans.

    They are putting cheese on top of their apple pies and think they can just get away with it, believing that this monstrosity is actually delicious.

    I've heard some shit in my time but this is on another level. I mean, Americans are known for ruining food but to come for the apple pie like this is just wrong.

    Debbismirnoff / Getty Images

    What has it ever done to you?

    I mean they don’t even put proper cheese on it, just their shitty plastic squares.

    I guarantee if you listen hard enough you can hear the apple pie crying out for help.

    If I had my way the people who dragged the good name of apple pie like this would be sent to jail for this heinous crime.

    Honestly why arent the mainstream media speaking out against this!!

    Apple pie doesn't deserve any of this especially as there are so many other beautiful alternative toppings.

    How can you cheat on the ever-faithful custard with that cheap, flavourless cheese?

    Whipped cream is 1000x sexier than cheese and yet you choose that bitch? Wow.

    How can you deny your apple pie of this delicious ice cream?

    At the very least you could just leave it in it's beautiful pure form.

    This is beyond offensive and I will have to call the authorities if I see cheese on apple pie in Britain.

    Debbismirnoff / Getty Images

    If Americans want to ruin apple pie then that is their terrible choice but no way will I let this happen in my country.

    Lauripatterson / Getty Images

    Please America, you've let the devil into your culinary choices but it's not too late, just put down the cheese.