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29 Times Rhys James' Twitter Was A Gift To Britain

"Bake Off leaving BBC is like your dad leaving mum. You still get to see him but in a flat above a Dominos with deckchairs instead of a sofa."

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1. When he was just saying what all of us were thinking.

I only joined Twitter to find people whose tweets represent the views of their employer. This is bullshit.

2. When he pointed out the obvious.

Just looking at Natasha Bedingfield's 'Related Artists' section on Spotify, which does not feature Daniel Bedingfie…

3. When he dropped this truth bomb.

As someone with no daughter and therefore no faculty for empathy I find Trump's comments completely fine.

4. When he was every '00s teen.

I know more about Adrian Mole's dick than my own.

5. When he hit us with this little nugget of nostalgia.

BOUNCER: Do you have any proof of age? ME: Facebook albums used to only allow 60 photos. BOUNCER: Go right ahead.

6. When he was all of us.

The thinner your restaurant's font the classier I'll assume it is.

7. When he was the ultimate tourist.

8. When he got a little too real.

Bake Off leaving BBC is like your dad leaving mum. You still get to see him but in a flat above a Dominos with deckchairs instead of a sofa.

9. When he understood fashion completely.

Finally an outfit for the most confident man in the world but who has a complex about his shoulders and shins.

10. When he got political.

[ISIS see the new version of Black Eyed Peas 'Where Is The Love'] "Oh fuck. Yeah. Forgot. Sorry lol"

11. And got in on the George Osbourne jokes.

George Osborne is a genuine toddler who has just been on gas at the dentist.

12. When he asked the difficult questions.

If you were taking your partner away to propose but on the way they used a massage chair in a service station would you throw away the ring?

13. And the even tougher questions.

Are you a boobs man or a boobs mouse?

14. When he understood marketing.

"I've invented a new food!" Good luck naming it. All the good food names are taken. "I'll think of something"

15. When he spoke for dads everywhere.

Being a father is one part raising your kids and three parts adding 'eroony' to the end of words.

16. When he really won at life.

[doesn't wish school bully happy birthday on Facebook] 1-1.

17. When he was everyone who grew up on MSN.

I learned how to talk to people by using MSN messenger so whenever I say the something bad in person I just say "sorry wrong convo" and run

18. When he cringed with the rest of us.

There's risks and then there's pulling the shorts off a homeless amputee.

19. When he opened all our eyes.

There were far too many lessons at school about photosynthesis and nowhere near enough about how to use other people's showers.

20. And we all realised the truth.

"Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?" Hey, thanks for asking Kenickie, but no, I didn't rape her. Any more questions?

21. When he knew how to perfectly critique fashion.

Urban Outfitters models look like they've had enough of their Mum making them try on clothes for Auntie Sue's party.

22. Honestly, he should work for Vogue.

When you don't get the memo that it's a Steve Jobs fancy dress party and everyone's mad at you.

23. When he perfectly captured awkward school assemblies.

My grandad has a chair in his shower but so he still feels young he sits on it backwards like a hip teacher giving an assembly about drugs.

24. When he maybe needed to ask his girlfriend some questions.

My girlfriend's memory foam mattress is so flattering. It thinks I'm way taller and more muscly than I am. So kind!

25. When he was all of us post-haircut.

The way the hairdresser styles my hair at the end of a haircut always makes me realise we were on a totally different page all along.

26. When he was all of us on New Year's Day.

Does it count as a healthy start to the new year if you put left over pizza in a nutri bullet?

27. And all of us at Christmas.

"Right well there's literally not a 3 on here. I'm looking & there's not one. What idiot makes an advent calendar with no... Oh it's there."

28. When he captured British pessimism perfectly.

You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. But don't let me get your hopes up.

29. Like, honestly he understands our cynicism.

So hard to sleep in this heat and state of unrelated constant dread lol