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    Posted on Jan 30, 2018

    23 Times Randall From "This Is Us" Made All Other Men Worthless To You

    Beth is blessed.

    1. Randall is a hottie, this is a scientific fact that can't be disputed. But just in case you need evidence please take this gif of him getting ready to start construction work.


    2. Personally I think Randall is at his hottest when he's at his dorkiest. Like when he tried to be cool and use the term "lit".


    3. And when he pretended to faint when Tess said she prefered the baby sitter's brownies.

    4. Randall is basically the greatest husband to ever exist. His relationship with Beth is the cutest, most fun relationship ever.

    5. The way he looks at her is just too much.


    6. He has always got her.


    7. Apart from when she brings his father up.

    8. You know he's the cutest because when he and Beth finally had a night alone in a hotel together his hardest decision was choosing between burgers or spaghetti.

    Randall: Okay babe here's the plan, sex first right away. LOud, adult, no kids in the room sex. And it doesn't need to be marathon sex, we just need to get the job done. And under no circumstances are we allowed to fall asleep after watching House Hunters. Don't want to miss the whole night sleeping, right? We'll do it in the shower. That's good, won't fall asleep in the shower, and we'll order room service before. That way we will finish our loud adult shower sex just as room service arrives and we will slip on our robes and eat burgers! No, wait...spaghetti. No, I like burgers better. We will eat burgers in bed.

    9. Randall's only flaw is that he's too romantic if anything.

    10. Together they're the ultimate parental unit. Even though Tess and Annie had different football styles they still make it work.

    11. His pride when Deja did her science presentation was too much.


    12. And when she left, well, we all cried with him.


    13. This moment with Deja really cemented what a great dad/ foster dad he is.

    14. He is constantly cute.

    15. Like when he attempted to educate Annie on gender roles and still remained the cutest dad ever.

    Annie: Daddy, how come mommy goes to work now, and you stay at home, and are the girl?

    Randall: is incredibly old fashioned and upsetting that you just said that. It is perfectly normal for a mommy to go to work and a daddy to stay home. Women can do anything. Look at Hillary Clinton.

    Tess: She lost

    Randall: Yeah, but she almost won. Just eat your breakfast.

    16. And when he was having the time of his life but still wanted Beth to be there.

    Randall: Baby, you won't believe it. I'm up to 12 cousins of various forms.

    Beth: The pictures are incredible, is he actually playing on stage?

    Randall: He is yeah. I wish you were here.

    Beth: No you don't.

    Randall: No I do. Everything is better with a little beth on it. The chocolate sauce to my ice cream, girl.

    Beth: Are you drunk.

    Randall: Yaaa maybe a little drunk, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

    17. He always knows just what to say, like when Deja was leaving the family.

    18. Except of course when William's boyfriend pops over, then he's an absolute wreck.

    Randall: Tinder? Wow. I'm surprised William even knew're kidding?

    Jessie: I am. We met at our meeting.

    Randall: Ahahahaha you're very funny, I can see why my father likes you. The sexiest thing about a man is his sense of humour.

    19. Randall lives his life wanting to be the full size guy.


    20. And you know what, it works, because babies love him!


    21. Randall trying to play it cool is possibly the most adorable thing.


    22. Especially when he tried asking Beth out, but couldn't do it without Kevin on the other line.

    Beth: You let your brother listen on the line when you were asking me out the first time?

    Randall: I did.

    Beth: Crazy...

    Randall: I am...

    23. Basically, Randall is the greatest human and really does deserve his beautiful life.

    William: Roll all your windows down, Randall. Crack up the music, grow out that 'fro, let someone else make your bed.

    Randall: I like making my bed, old man.

    William: Than you make it, you deserve it. You deserve the beautiful life you've made.

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