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23 Things All British Mums Do

There's no bigger disappointment than finding leftovers in an ice cream tub.

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2. And when you ask what's for dessert tell you "there's choc ices in the freezer".

Dating in your 30's is a disappointing as when you used to hear the ice cream van & your mum said "there's a choc ice in the freezer"


8. Offer you a cuppa then expect you to make it.

mum: do you want a coffee? me: yeh please mum: go and put the kettle on me: um i actually ain't that thirsty tbh


9. End all texts "Love Mum xx".

When you get a text like this from your mum...


14. Describe the weather in terms of how many times they've had to put the washing out.

nothing worse than that phone call you get from your mum when she's out and you've to bring all the washing in cause it's raining


20. Tell you "only boring people get bored".

When you say you're bored and your mum drops that line "Only boring people get bored" FCK OFF ELIZABETH DONT REMIND ME


21. You can't eat or use anything in your own home because "that's for guests".

Is your mum really your mum if she doesn't have a secret cupboard of snacks that she hides & is exclusive only for when guests come over?!