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21 Things We're Supposed To Find Romantic But Just Arent

Fact: Dancing in the rain is a health and safety hazard.

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2. And dancing in the rain.


Maybe the rain in rom-coms is different and it's not cold or wet, and doesn't make your clothes see-through. Either way, this is a health and safety disaster waiting to happen.

3. Public displays of affection.

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PDA is just awkward and gross, if a couple on the train even look at each other then people hate it. You can't tell me these couples actually manage to get away with this stuff without their friends taking the piss out of them.


6. Saving someone's life.

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In reality if someone had just saved your life they would see you in a state of shock, horror, and tears. You may even have pooped yourself which is definitely not romantic.


9. Being in grave danger.

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If you're swinging between buildings your inner voice isn't going "wow, this is so dreamy", your inner voice is saying "Fucky, fuck, fuckity shit fuck, I'm going to die!!!"

10. Being serenaded.

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Yes okay, so Heath Ledger may be the one exception but IRL if this happened it would be so awkward. What do you do with your hands? Where do you look? Are you supposed to sing back?

12. Snuggling after sex.

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Why is it in films that after sex there's a prolonged period of cuddling and talking? UTI's must not exist in rom-coms because clearly they don't need to wee after sex like us.


13. Walking down the stairs to your lover.

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There's always this weird part of a rom-com where the female walks down the stairs and the male gazes up at her. Firstly, where are all these grand staircases coming from? Secondly, how don't they fall over?

14. Rowing a boat.

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In so many films the romantic date of choice is rowing a rowboat. The closest we have in reality is an awkward date on a pedalo, where you get lost and bored within the first five minutes.

16. Chasing after someone as they get on a plane.

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In the films there is never any other passengers pissed off that you're holding their flight up. Airport security is always slow and incapable of doing simple things, which is actually kind of worrying.


17. Cheating.

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For some reason in rom-coms a lot of cheating happens and it's always supposed to be romantic. Maybe I'm missing something but in real life I'm pretty sure it's considered a big betrayal.

20. Overly toungey kisses.

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When couples do finally get around to kissing it's very heavy on the tongue. If this happened in real life they wouldn't meet again on account of a very bad kiss.