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    21 Doughnuts That Are Hands Down Better Than Men

    All the most romantic love stories include doughnuts.

    1. These Nutella doughnuts would make the best, most romantic Valentines in the history of Valentines.

    2. These caramel pretzel doughnuts would be so good to you.

    3. And these heart ones would never let you down.

    4. This one would always listen to your problems.

    5. You'd bump into these vegan beauties in a coffee shop and hit it off from there.

    6. Your friend would introduce you to this one, you'd hate it at first but eventually realise you were head over heels for it.

    7. You may have been friends with these ones for years, and then one day you'd look at their sprinkles differently and you’d know they’re the one.

    8. These doughnuts would pick you up from your house with flowers.

    9. And these beauties would tell you how truly lovely you look tonight.

    10. These would take you to the fanciest restaurant ever.

    11. These croissant doughnuts would stare longingly at you all night.

    12. These cuties would hold the door open for you.

    13. And these would romantically walk you home.

    14. These would call you as soon as you got home to arrange another date.

    15. And these would arrange surprise after surprise for you.

    16. These would make you a cup of tea in bed every morning.

    17. This one would really hit it off with your parents.

    18. And these would plan the most romantic proposal.

    19. And you'd marry these in a small, intimate ceremony with all your loved ones around you.

    20. You'd grow old with this one.

    21. And your grandkids would tell their friends about the greatest love story ever; yours.