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21 Photos That Prove Cats In Bow Ties Are The Cutest Things Ever

Cats can really pull off anything.

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1. This cat is on the gingham train and refuses to get off.

Instagram: @monicanorley

2. This little one loves doughnuts and isn't afraid to show it.

Instagram: @adorkable_jes

3. This cutie knows how to WERK a bow tie, just look at that smize!

Instagram: @dodgecat

4. And this cat hasn't got time for your games, only bow ties.

Instagram: @elfie_the_squishy_face_kitty

5. This cat knows how to make a bow tie look elegant.

Instagram: @winter_is_coming_cat_

6. This little musician is ready for its recital now.

Instagram: @majorschmidtshire

7. Red is a bold colour but this cat knows how to wear it well.

Instagram: @binggocat

8. This cutie is just pondering lifes big questions while looking incredibly smart in a bow tie.

Instagram: @majorschmidtshire

9. This cat loves watermelon and isn't afraid to show it.

Instagram: @peculiarpanther

10. You can't tell this patriotic so and so anything.

Instagram: @pickles

11. This cat can still pull of a bow tie while pulling a funny face, now that is style.

Instagram: @gryphenthecat

12. This cat truly knows its angles.

Instagram: @yazz_lh

13. This lazy bones doesn't want to do anything but look fabulous and that is fine by me.

Instagram: @franzthedappercat

14. This fellow can even pull off a bow tie upside down. Impressive.

Instagram: @dapper_jasper_cat

15. This cat proves you don't need fur to pull of a bow tie. So bold, so beautiful.

Instagram: @marca

16. This cat is looking extremely dapper and it knows it.

Instagram: @loganthemanx

17. This kitty proves that bow ties can be girly too!

Instagram: @cindi1985

18. Whoever said you can't love tacos and bow ties is wrong.

Instagram: @olly_and_elle

19. This punk rock star knows how to add a bit of edge to the classic bow tie look.

Instagram: @i

20. This cat is pondering theoretical physics and rocking a bow tie. Thanks for putting us all to shame.

Instagram: @springrollthecat

21. And this suave cat should be the next James Bond looking like that.

Instagram: @squishdelish

What a star!