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Reasons Why I Miss Having A Birthday As A Kid

Getting old sucks.. Just plain sucks..

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So tomorrow is my 22nd Birthday, Happy Birthday to me..

This is how I spent it last year...

And then I think about how much better birthdays were as a kid..

First you would wake up and find your bedroom was decorated by your parents over night...

Then all you can do is FREAK OUT about it! You have been waiting for this day all year!

Then it's time for your special birthday breakfast!

After breakfast you get ready for the best day of school all year (if you're lucky to have your birthday on a school day)

You head to your locker to find your BFF's have decorated it for you

You also have no shame in sporting a "It's My Birthday" Button so others are nicer to you

At lunch you find a special birthday lunch your Mom packed for you

And you can't wait for the end of the day so the class can sing Happy Birthday to you!

But that's not the end of your AWESOME DAY...

Time to go home and get ready for your party!

Got to make sure that the Loot Bags,

the Piñata,

and your cake are all ready!

And if you were a lucky kid, you might have your party at a cool place like Chuck.E.Cheese or at the local bowling alley...

And now it's your party! All your guests are there!

Then you get cake and to open ALL YOUR PRESENTS!

And you FINALLY get to open that special gift your parents got you and you freak out!

After it all you get to go to bed knowing you had an amazing day!

But tomorrow won't be like that, it will NEVER be like that again.

My Birthday this year will start out like this

And will continue like this...

Then you go to your parents for dinner..

So you end up back at your apartment where you celebrate like you did last year..

And wait for next year to come around, only 365 days till your next birthday!


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